Ranchos Itauna: NSSIA certified surf camps & lessons. Surfing Santa Teresa Costa Rica


"..If you're having a bad day, catch a wave." Frosty Hesson


If you come to Santa Teresa and want to learn to surf, our NSSIA certified surf camps & classes are best suited for all levels. Santa Teresa is one of the best places to learn. There are many spots along the coast for you to choose from beginners to advanced.

Just relax and let us arrange and provide everything you need to ride those waves as soon as you can, we offer transportation to the proper location for each level also surfboards & bodyboards.

We will teach you how to step up on the board with confidence, how to paddle without loosing control of the board and properly duck when a wave is coming, how to behave on the line once you reach the spot, how to catch your first wave and more. We are experienced surfers with more than 20 years surfing in Playa Santa Teresa.

Just contact us at the end of the page for details and prices.


Playa Carmen, Playa Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa are the well known surf spots in the area, waves of all kinds wash the shore. We are located in the middle of the two most important spots. You can check the waves and go walking from our hotel to your next adventure in minutes.

Along the coast you will find several breaks where waves can be strong and surrounded by rocks so you have to be careful and find a place according with your experience. We can provide information about the best spots to surf in the area.

We can also arrange surf boat trips, surf photography & dron video too. Contact us at the bottom of the page...

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