Ranchos Itauna: Sunset, Yoga & massages on the beach. Santa Teresa - Costa Rica


"The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in" B.K.S Iyengar


We know traveling can be stressful. It is hard for your back to recover from all those hours of airports, planes, taxis or bus. But you can relax and enjoy our beautiful garden with a complete deep tissue massage by the hand of our highly trained professionals who will take all the stress out of your back so you can sleep like a baby in one of our comfortable Suite or Cabinas.


Yoga is a millenary practice used to improve the body and the mind trough different positions while breathing accordingly to clear the mind from thoughts and unlock the true power of yourself. Here at Ranchos Itauna we believe that not only yoga can clear the mind but the setting is important too. Giving yourself the pleasure of yoga in this incredible place where we have a special rancho dedicated to this practice. Listening to the sound of the ocean, the wind blowing and the trees whispering in your ear...

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Ranchos Itauna Tide Pool Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Tide Pools

We are located in front of one of the best tide pools in Santa Teresa and Mal Pais. Surrounded by rocks you can explore the untouched nature with just a snorkel...

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Yoga at the Beach, Santa Teresa Costa Rica


You can practice in our yoga rancho right on the beachfront. Breath the pure energy of nature and let your mind surrender to the peace of waves breaking on the shore...

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